23 August 2010
Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire says he agrees with the Chancellor that Britain’s economic recovery is likely to be “choppy”.

But he says Labour arguments against spending cuts have “zero credibility”.

The MP endorsed George Osborne’s assessment in a major London speech, which also outlined how the public can help identify cuts in public spending.

Labour has argued the plans will damage growth, but Andrew said: “What we must remember is that Labour politicians who condemn cuts in spending are doing so from a position of zero credibility.

“Not only did Labour fail to control the budget deficit when they were in office, but they now refuse to say what cuts they would make to reduce the budget deficit if they were still in power.

“They are deficit deniers.”

George Osborne’s speech came before the autumn’s comprehensive spending review, in which plans for most Government departments to make cuts of around 25% will be outlined in an effort to reduce the £155 billion budget deficit.