5 July 2021
Bridgen tries new sports at Ashby Sport Fun Day

Local MP Andrew Bridgen joined in to try some new sports at Ashby Sport Fun Day at Bath Grounds on 3 July and called for it to become an annual event.

Andrew Bridgen at Ashby Sport Fun Day

Andrew said:

“It’s very timely that we're coming out of lockdown and many of us have put a few pounds on during that time. We’ve all missed out on social interaction, so to see everyone out here is encouraging.

“But I'm hoping that we can make this an annual event and get all the activities you can do in Ashby and surrounding area, all in one place and try to get more public participation, it's good for people, it's good for their mental wellbeing and the community.

“There's no better way to do it than with events like this, you've got everything from pigeon racing to boxing and everything in between. It is a great initiative that was created by people in the town. They've had the full support of the health and wellbeing board of North West Leicestershire District Council and I hope the district council will promote it in future as I think it needs to be an annual event so that even more clubs and activities can join in.”

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Andrew Bridgen at Ashby Sport Fun Day