22 June 2021
Bridgen welcomes Government’s determination to deliver university admissions shakeup

Andrew Bridgen, the Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire, has welcomed an announcement to implement a shakeup to university admissions which will deliver benefits for children and young adults from the poorest families.

Mr Bridgen questioned the Secretary of State for Education in the Chamber of the House of Commons asking for an update on post qualification admissions which would see university places awarded on actual grades rather the current system of predicted ones.

Mr Williamson said

“We really want to bring post-qualification admissions forward as rapidly as possible. We would like to do so without legislation and in co-operation with the sector, but if we are not able to have that co-operation, we will drive this forward.

“All the evidence, from the Sutton Trust and from so many others, is clear that PQA helps children from the most disadvantaged families more than any others. That is why we will make it happen.

Mr Bridgen added

“Post Qualification Admissions will make a huge difference to young people in my constituency as they embark on their university careers.

“When a young person performs beyond expectations in their A Levels, they will be able to access better universities, for some it will be the difference between accessing higher education and not going to university at all.

“I’ve been campaigning on this important and transformative issue for a number of years and I very much welcome the Government’s push to get this change over the line. It can’t come soon enough.”

Mr Bridgen’s question comes at the same time as the Education Select Committee had released findings that white pupils on free school meals had lower attainment at every level of education than almost any other group. 84% of disadvantaged white pupils do not go to university.[i]


[i] https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm5802/cmselect/cmeduc/85/8509.htm#_idTextAnchor035