20 May 2021
Bridgen welcomes Post Office scandal inquiry

A campaigning Leicestershire MP has welcomed a government announcement to establish an inquiry into the failings of a Post Office computer system which resulted in the conviction of 47 sub-postmasters for stealing money. 

Andrew Bridgen, the Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire, has championed the case of his constituents Mr and Mrs Rudkin who were affected by the scandal. 

These decent, law abiding people can finally get closure and recompense for this sorry debacle.

Andrew Bridgen MP

Questioning the minister in the House of Commons Bridgen asked: “I am delighted that the Minister has announced that we will get the full public inquiry that we have needed for so long, to finally draw a line under this tragic fiasco and get to the truth.  

“Following his and the Prime Minister’s recent meeting with a few of the sub-postmasters caught up in this debacle, including my constituents Mr and Mrs Rudkin, does my honorable friend agree that the sub-postmasters are ordinary, honest and credible people, who have been caught up in incredible events that were not of their making and not their responsibility, but which have had a massive detrimental effect on their lives and the lives of their families?” 

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Paul Sculley replied: “Mr Rudkin was one of the leading witnesses who blew a hole in the evidence and this led to success for those postmasters in various stages of the court case and, unfortunately, Mrs Rudkin was left to carry the can in her experience as postmaster. She is very typical of many postmasters who have been affected: ordinary people who are stalwarts of their villages, towns, communities. That is why we must redouble our efforts to seek justice and fair compensation for them.” 

Mr Bridgen added: “I’m pleased that the Government have announced a public inquiry with legal powers to compel witnesses to testify. 

“Sub-postmasters like my constituents have faced hell for years because of failed IT systems and disgraceful cover ups. It should never have been allowed to happen, we need to know why it did so that lessons can be learnt- but even more importantly so that these decent, law abiding people can finally get closure and recompense for this sorry debacle.”