11 May 2020
COVID-19 Update

I would firstly like to thank all of you for your observance of social distancing restrictions for around 2 months now. It is not easy not being able to spend time with family and friends or follow normal routines but overall, NW Leics has risen to the challenge and helped reduce the spread of the virus and driven the infection rate down.

Communities who have pulled together to deliver food and supplies to elderly and vulnerable residents; the NHS staff, care providers, emergency workers, delivery drivers, teachers, supermarket workers and all the other people who are classed as critical workers – I would like to offer a big thank you for you hard work and commitment.

I am very sad to say that as I write this that there have been 45 residents in NW Leicestershire who have died with Covid 19 and I extend my sympathies to their families and friends.

The Prime Minister addressed the nation on Sunday and is trying to ensure a public who are tiring of the lockdown, stick with the rules to keep the infection rate falling or stable. The Prime Minister has laid out a plan which sensibly makes every small reduction of lockdown measures conditional on the public complying with social distancing to keep infection rates under control.

Throughout the lockdown I have been in contact with the NHS Trust’s who serve the constituency and I again pay tribute to the fantastic work of all the NHS and key workers who have enabled our healthcare system to cope during this unprecedented crisis. Obviously the issue of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been raised from the discussions I have had I am confident that this challenge is being well managed by the Trusts, and with infection numbers beginning to decline it looks like we could have now passed the initial peak and they can plan a return to routine NHS services.

I have also been in regular contact with the Police and the County and District Councils who have been charged with delivering on the new laws and regulations relating to the coronavirus on the ground, and ensuring the vulnerable are cared for, and those services we so rely on such as having our bins emptied continue as uninterrupted as possible.

With Parliament now back sitting after the Easter recess, I am now working ‘virtually’ in the House of Commons from my home here in North West Leicestershire, making use of new technologies so I can vote remotely, speak in the Chamber and speak to Ministers and others.

There have been several schemes put in place some weeks ago to help and support families and businesses here in North West Leicestershire. Grants for business, support to furlough workers and financial support such as the Government backed ‘bounce back’ loan scheme mean we are giving the economy the best chance to recover from this crisis when it is safe to resume our normal lives.

I am also aware that we need to continually review the schemes and, in some cases, make changes as time moves on and I have been ensuring that any concerns and queries I receive are relayed directly to Ministers and Government departments.

If there are any issues you wish to raise that you believe I can assist with, then please do contact my office on andrew.bridgen.mp@parliament.uk

I want to end as the Prime Minister did on Sunday by noting that though the UK will be changed by this experience, I believe we can be stronger and better than ever before.

More resilient, more innovative, more economically dynamic, but also more generous and more sharing.

In the meantime please maintain social distancing when away from your homes and remember that we must stay alert, control the virus and save lives.