22 September 2010
Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, has held an urgent meeting in Westminster with Housing Minister Grant Shapps to raise concerns over threats to Coalville’s Green Wedge.

Afterwards, both men called on North West Leicestershire District Council Council to make a statement of planning policy, including the Green Wedge and housing numbers.

“The statement would provide legal grounds for refusal of unwanted development,” said Andrew. “It will protect the district in the limbo period before the new Localism Bill comes into law and gives more powers to councils, such as North West Leicestershire, to set their own agendas for housing.”

He described his meeting with the Housing Minister as “very productive”.

The meeting also offered good news for North West Leicestershire council tenants with a Commitment from the Minister to end the situation where huge sums of money received in council house rents were taken by central Government.

Andrew said: ” This is potentially great news for North West Leicestershire and its council house tenants. It is ludicrous that nearly £4 million is taken from the district every year in negative housing subsidy, and I was delighted that the Minister confirmed that the Localism Bill will put an end to this practice.

“This money should in future be available to improve our local council housing stock and to build new council homes locally. I have campaigned on this issue for many years, and I look forward to supporting the Bill as it passes through Parliament.”