9 July 2013
Andrew Bridgen questions Minister on Post Office computer problems review

Following a Government statement on the publication of a report into alleged problems with the Post Office's Horizon computer system, Andrew Bridgen asks if conviction based on evidence from a Post Office computer could be unsafe?

Andrew Bridgen (North West Leicestershire) (Con): Having been involved in this issue for some time and having initially been told by Post Office representatives that the Horizon software system was perfect and could not be infiltrated, I am pleased that the Post Office is co-operating with the independent investigation, whose interim report indicates that the system is clearly not perfect. I urge my hon. Friend to ensure that Second Sight continues with its investigations. Does she accept that if the system was perfect, the modifications would not be needed and many—or some—of the historic convictions may well be unsafe?

Jo Swinson: I certainly agree with my hon. Friend that no system is perfect; perhaps it is a bit of a hostage to fortune for anyone to proclaim a system as perfect. I would not agree with the second part of his question—that that therefore means that those convictions are obviously unsafe. The evidence is not there in today’s report, but if evidence emerges to suggest that, there are legal channels that can be followed to ensure that those issues are taken up.

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