23 September 2021
Andrew Bridgen speaks on voter ID

Speaking on voter ID, Andrew Bridgen questions how Opposition parties can oppose voter ID when they require their own party members to show ID when attending meetings.

Voter ID Requirements: Turnout and Enfranchisement

Andrew Bridgen (North West Leicestershire) (Con)

Does my right hon. and learned Friend agree that we detect more than a whiff of hypocrisy from Opposition parties, which oppose voter ID but would ask their own members to show ID to attend a meeting to discuss the issue itself?

The Paymaster General (Michael Ellis)

My hon. Friend makes a good point. I understand that the Labour party does make those requirements, not that I have attended Labour conferences of course. May I offer the further reassurance that a wide range of countries, including most European countries, require some form of ID? Canada, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Norway do. So I have to say that the hon. Member for East Renfrewshire ought to refrain from these repeated scare tactics, which may have a deleterious effect on voter turnout.