8 December 2020
Andrew Bridgen calls for gambling review to include review of the Gambling Commission itself

Andrew Bridgen calls on the Government to ensure that the newly-announced review of the Gambling Act includes an assessment into whether the Gambling Commission itself is fit for purpose, or whether it needs to be replaced by a stronger regulator.

Andrew Bridgen (North West Leicestershire) (Con)

Given that the recent Public Accounts Committee report on gambling regulation declared that the Gambling Commission

“do not know what impact they are having on problem gambling, or what measures would demonstrate whether regulation is working”,

will the Minister use the opportunity of the review to assess whether the Gambling Commission itself is fit for purpose, or needs to be replaced by a new body to provide the real leadership needed on the issue of gambling regulation?

Nigel Huddleston 

I thank my hon. Friend for his comments. I am aware of the comments made in the Public Accounts Committee report. I appreciate the work that it and, indeed, many others have done in providing input on this issue for a long period. As I have said, I do not wish to pre-empt any of the conclusions of the review. This is a call for evidence at this stage, and therefore recommendations and suggestions for future regulation will be welcome.